Sparkling shades of Venice

Corte delle Calli is the perfect choice for a romantic date full of charm and Italian good taste

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Why choose Corte Delle Calli

Corte delle Calli by Serena Wines 1881 is a wine that encapsulates the characteristics of Venice: elegant, outstanding, inimitable and romantic.

This wine expresses the fascination and love of the Veneto territory, represented by Venice and its winged lion, and home to top quality wines.

The label for the Corte delle Calli line recalls the colours of the alleys of this magic city and the Italian good taste that always makes a romantic rendezvous outstanding.

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Corte delle Calli wines are characterized by an intense taste and a strong character. Ideal for unforgettable and romantic moments

The Venice of Mystery

The intense and mysterious character of Corte delle Calli matches well with the taste of discovering the less common places in Venice.
Charm, mystery and poetry will guide you on this journey made of flavor and emotions.

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