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Corte delle Calli

"Corte delle calli" is a term that denotes a Venetian little square, the so-called corte, which can be found at the end of some alleys, in Venice called calli. In ancient times the Venetian noble families used to live in big, great palaces facing one of these courts. They were meeting there to discuss about life, and it was like a cultural exchange between representatives of the wealthy Venice. As well as these courts represent the best of a city like Venice, so the label "Corte delle calli" embodies the best of the Treviso wine production. This line in bottle, is varied and complete, ideal for those who want a practical, concrete and convenient line of products. It includes several types of Prosecco Docg and Doc, sparkling and fizzy, in different sizes, as well as two sparkling wines, rosé and white and a selection of still wines. Dedicated to the market, this elegant product line is perfect for bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs.